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Before you send an application for the payment of RСB, please read the rules of our monitor !!!
Note. We do not pay referral commission to monitors, blogs and other owners of HYIP. For the opportunity to get RCB your account should not be similar - hyip ***, *** admin, *** hyip, **** monitor and others ..
!!!! When making an application for refback payment, please follow the rules of the order - for example, you must fill in "U1234567" or "P1234567" instead of "u1234567" or "p1234567", otherwise your request will be rejected by the system.

  1. All RCB offers have floating interest, we reserve the right to lower or disable RCB payments for any project at any time!
  2. Please do not create multiple accounts. We do not accept multiple registrations under us. If you create more than one account, we will pay only 50% RCB.
  3. We draw your attention to the fact that we do not pay RCB if the deposit was opened from the balance of your account when reinvesting the deposit amount.
  4. If you try to break the rules or deceive us, any fake RCB request will be immediately deleted without warning.
  5. Refback payment is made to the payment system and the wallet number from which the deposit was opened. Be careful when filling out the data.
  6. You can request a refback within 24 hours from the moment of opening a deposit. Requests for refbek after 24 hours will be rejected.
  7. We do NOT pay refback if the amount of your deposit is less than 5 for a BitCoin deposit, as the transaction fees are too high, and at least $ 10 for PM, Payeer payment systems.
  8. Refback requests are processed within 24 hours. If your request has not been processed and deleted, please contact support. We reserve the right to remove the request if you have violated the established rules of the monitor or have been noticed in fraud.